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WoW Goes Semi Free-to-Play

June 29, 2011 by   | Category: Gaming

Hugely popular MMO World Of Warcraft is now free to play up to level 20, with no limits on time or the number of characters that can be created.

Free to play gamers won’t be able to access certain features like guilds, voice chat or to collect more than ten gold, but can access the quests available to paying subscribers. Previously the MMO only offered free ten day trials.

Blizzard also announced that players with an existing account will receive the Burning Crusade expansion pack for free.

Characters that reach level 20 during the free trial will stop earning experience points, and players will have to purchase the game and a paid subscription to continue working towards the top level of 85.

Subscription prices range from $14.99 for one month to $77.94 for six.

As of March the MMO had 11.4 million subscribers, and Blizzard is currently preparing to launch the Cataclysm expansion pack in China.



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