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Is GT6 Coming To The PS3?

March 4, 2013 by   | Category: Gaming

Gran Turismo 6 is coming this year from Sony for the PlayStation 3. Polyphony Digital had indicated back in 2010 that Gran Turismo 6 was in development already for the PlayStation 3. According to what we have been able to piece together, it is on track for release late this year. (No word if Polyphony Digital is also planning a PlayStation 4 version or not.)

So, will this be the last release from Sony’s studios for the PlayStation 3? Signs are starting to point to this. While other publishers still have plans for new releases for the PlayStation 3 well beyond this year, we will have to see how that develops, as those plans are fluid and could change at any point. Still, the adoption rate of the new console will certainly factor into the decision for 3rd party publishers to move on from the PlayStation 3.



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