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Anonymous Continues Its Assault On Brazilian Banks

February 6, 2012 by   | Category: Computing

Anonymous has taken down the web sites of more Brazilian financial firms.

Yesterday we reported that the Brazilian branch of the populist group had attacked four major banks. The attacks have continued today, striking out at three more banks – Citibank, Panamericano, and Febraban.

Earlier the group said:

Anonymous Brasil @AnonBRNews

#OpWeeksPayment ATENÇÃO MARUJOS: Aumentem o volume de vossas vitrolas porque hoje teremos muitoTANGO! TRILHA…

3 Feb 12

Translated, it says, “# WARNING OpWeeksPayment Sailors: Increase the volume of your turntables because today we have much TANGO! TRACK …”

The group is protesting over economic inequality in the country and claims that the aim is not to defraud customers. It has also taken down Cielo, a credit and debit card operator.

It announced the attacks on Twitter, with tweets similar to, “# OpWeeksPayment – Sailors WARNING: Target reached! Citibank is drifting! TANGO DOWN!”

“# WARNING OpWeeksPayment Sailors: The joined the friends there in the sea! This will be grounded for a long time!” another read.

It’s unclear whether attacking eight financial targets will be enough for the busy group or whether more are in the firing line.





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